Friday, 11 September 2015

Real Ways to Earn Money Online


Neobux is one of the best pay per click system on the internet, just because it's excellent. $$$ Neobux has paid more than 29 million dollars $$$.

What I'm going to show you is the way to ger a 50$ income per day without investing any cent. No fraud, nor false tricks and just dedicating 5 minutes per day.

Strategical Guide to earn 50$ per day with Neobux- No investment required!!

This Strategical Guide will show you how to earn real money with Neobux, without paying anything. The only way not to earn these 50$/day is leaving this plan and turning off your computer. At the beginning you'll earn a few cents. The key is to be PATIENT!! To get direct referrals in neobux yo must wait 15 days and have 100 clicks.

Now, with this method, you don't have to invest anything to earn money. If you have money to invest, as 5$, then you can invest it and you'll see the results faster.
The key to make money in Neobux is through the referrals. It's easy...if you don't have referrals, then you'll not earn money. And so is how you will get referrals in Neobux...YOU MUST RENT THEM. YES, you can rent referrals in Neobux, clicking your own ads and increasing your earnings, and then buying them per 20 cents each one.
The Referrals are real people (NOT ROBOTS) and the cost is 20 cents per month, each one. Some will be active and other not. To "recycle" a non-active referral for an active referral, you have to pay 0.07$. It may seem much, but the investment is worthy. If you don't recycle an inactive referral, you could lose money. So...It's okay, LET'S START!!

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Step 1:
Start clicking all your ads everyday. You need to click at least 4 ads per day. When you reach 60 cents clicking ads, now you are able to buy 3 referrals. BUT... DON'T BUY ANY REFERRALS YET!!

It takes some days to earn this 60 cents by your own clicks. People are eager to buy their referrals as soon as they reach in their accounts these 60 cents.
When people make this purchase, they don't realize that they don't have enough money to MAINTAIN their rented referrals and this referrals will eventually expire because of not having the needed earnings to pay their rentals for another 30 days.

Step 2:
Before renting referrals you must earn at least 3$ by your own clicks (Or you can invest 5$ to rent faster, but that depends on you) and  then you transfer this money to your Purchase Balance. Having  3$, now you have 1$ per referral and you are easily able to recycle them if they are non-active, or you can extend them 30 more days.
It will take some time to reach these 3$ by yourself, but this is the way to maintain your referalls and exchange those who are non-active for active referrals, without the fear that you can't pay for them every month.

Step 3:
Once you have 3$ in your Purchase Balance, buy 3 referrals.

Withdrawing the money too early is a big problem for those who use neobux. When you request a payment, this is transferred to your Payza, Paypal or NETELLER account INSTANTLY!!
People who check the legality of neobux, just click until they earn their first dollar and then they withdraw it. WOO-HOO!! Now you have A DOLLAR in your Paypal account...

That dollar could be transferred to your Purchase Balance.

With this strategy you must put 3$ in your Rental Balance before buying 3 referrals. So accumulate 1$ per referral. Don't cashout your money until you reach more than 1000 referrals. Keep the referrals rental for increments of 3 (you can rent for bigger increments if you invest more money. It's a way of increasing the speed of earning money). You must continue with this plan until you have 500 referrals.

This will take you some time. It's here where most people give up. Here is where you need PATIENCE!! When you get 500 referrals, stop buying referrals and maintain the ones you have. Keep this work until you reach approximately 100$ in you purchase balance, and you can spend 90$ of your balance to buy the Golden Membership. It won't take you so much time to collect 100$ once you have 500 referrals. When you are GOLDEN, your earnings will DOUBLE!!

This is a great advantage. Golden costs 90$ per year and instead of earning 0.005$ per your referral click, you'll earn 0.01$. Your earnings are doubled!!

That's al you have to do. Buy your Golden Membership. Now you'll have to click at least 9 ads per day.


Keep renting new referrals after upgrading and don't withdraw money. Remember, you MUSTN'T withdraw money you have reached 2000 referrals.
So...when you get these 2000 referrals you will be able to cashout 50$ per day. And...this is the end of my strategy. :D

Also, it can help you to increase your earnings the fact of getting direct referrals, with your referral link...
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